Post Conference Non-Jitters

Everything has gone rather well, I think.

My presentation at the Quest for Community conference ended up generating a lot of “heat”. I had timed myself to 30 minutes of speechifying, leaving 15 for discussion. Then I found out my time block was an hour instead of 45 minutes.

And we almost went over. The challenges that face older students seems to be one of those things that people feel passionately about – once you get them started talking.

I managed to make it to Sinclairs Writer’s Conference, which was great. I got to see Tim Waggoner and Elizabeth Vaughn again. Aubrey’s currently sucked into a copy of Warprize I had Beth sign. 🙂 I finally got to meet Scott Geisel, who had given Aubrey the assignment that turned into Not Much Ado About The Holy Grail. Which given that I’m not able to make it to Spamalot, is probably appropriate.

Oh, and I haven’t had a heart attack and my resting EKG is normal, but I’m getting a stress echocardiogram scheduled for me. Fun.

And I recorded my entry for this week’s 100 word story. I don’t know that it’s totally topical (the topic is “taboo”), but I like it. So I’m sending it. Neener.

Still, a good day overall.