…but it will cost jobs!

Perhaps someday people will realize that capitalism is an amoral force. It’s very powerful, and can be used for good – but capitalism, like guns or science, is not inherently good or evil. It just is. Yet “jobs” keeps being held up as some kind of justification for immoral businesses. Can you imagine this headline: Drug ring busted, but some say it would cost jobs.

In our modern world, everything is for sale. That means that stopping any activity – any at all – could possibly “cost someone thier job”. Think about what that means it for a moment. Think about the simply offensive headlines that could result! Murderers-for-hire arrested, but some say it would cost jobs.

There are other values than simply making money. Many of them are more important than just making money. When we realize that capitalism is a tool, not a golden calf to worship, we can realize that there are some things that just aren’t worth selling out for. Freedom. Safe streets. Not letting your neighbors ripped off.

Once we remember that, “payday loans restricted, but some say it would cost jobs” will seem like a stupid offensive headline too.

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