T-Shirts For the Metal Crowd

There’s two new products with the online t-shirt (and more) store I run over on Teespring, both inspired over the last week.

First, it was when we were preparing to head out to a show down at Bogart’s. Multiple members of our group had the perennial music fan concern:


Well, now you need not worry any longer, as you can get this Generic Metal T-Shirt (in T and tank-top, love ya dear) to wear whenever you’re at a loss or the other ones just smell too badly. Starts at only $15 (a little more in the EU), because expensive T-shirts are stupid.

The second requires a tish more explanation. I passed by the gift shop at a hospital this week, and saw a banner with the words “Eat Pray Slay”.

I’m pretty sure that they meant “slay gurrrrrrrrrrl”, but my first thought was that they got the font completely wrong. And so I present the legit Eat, Pray, SLAY shirt (and mug, and such). Again, shirts start at $15 (US, slightly more in the EU).

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