Two Helpful Texture Packs for Minecraft

I made two small utility texturepacks for Minecraft that you can add on to any other texture pack. Both of these are small changes, but tweaks that are useful to me. They’re in separate packs because I hate it when a bunch of “tweaks” are in one pack and one is great, but some other tweak is annoying as heck.

First, there’s Less Annoying Pumpkin Hat. This pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. With the default texturepack, this is what wearing the pumpkin hat looks like:

And with the Less Annoying Pumpkin Hat texture pack, it instead looks like:

It should work with pretty much any resolution you run at. You can get this texture pack at CurseForge:

The second texture pack is a cosmetic add-on: Unsplash Paintings. It also does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. It replaces the paintings in Minecraft with selected images from Unsplash. It will work with pretty much any resolution as well.

You can also get this texture pack at CurseForge:

If you need instructions on how to add a texture pack, check out the guide at Gamepedia.

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