You Will Know Them By Thier Works: Mr. Rogers’ Dream Is More Relevant Than Ever

You will know them by their works.

There are rumblings to cut the federal contributions to PBS and NPR.

During the course of my life, I’ve seen how PBS and NPR have had to scramble more and more for corporate funding.

And I watch the video of Mr. Rogers speaking to Sen. Pastore in 1969.

And I watch the video of his speech as he received a Lifetime Achievement Emmy award.

The important thing with that speech is this: He not only thanks those who helped him get there, but he encourages everyone else listening to do the same, right then. Rather than keep the spotlight, he makes his moment not only about the people who helped him get where he is, but about the people who helped everyone get where they are.

You will know them by their works.

I remember the half-hour long commercials cartoons. They still exist – though they’re more often on branded cable networks – and still have the thinnest veneer of “educational programming” slapped on top of the sales pitch.

Both PBS and NPR are still doing the good, hard work that puts people – not sales – first. They are still carrying out Mr. Rogers’ dream.

You will know them by their works.

You will know them by their desire to cut funding for public broadcasting.

You will know yourself by your support of PBS and NPR.

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