And Sometimes The Problem Is A Person You Admire

Gutters is a satire comics page.  It’s pretty cool, even if you’re not a big comics person, and recently successfully funded a Kickstarter to keep going.

And this single post makes it worthwhile.  Go click through if you haven’t read it.  (As usual, avoid teh commentz.)

Because this, my friends, is the standard that we should be held to.  It’s easy to be loud and outspoken and true to your principles when someone else screws up.  It’s hard as hell when it’s a friend of yours… or yourself.

As we grow as a society, there’s going to be a lot of screwups.  Some
big.  Some small.  Sometimes we’ll learn that people we admired have
feet of clay.  And that’s when we have to remember that we care about behaviors.  If someone’s behavior is flawed, we must call them on that behavior.  Not just because of ethics (though that’s enough), but because it helps our friends grow as human beings.

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a human being came from when a friend – a true friend – would not give me a pass on my ignorance, my privilege, or my selfishness.  And I do my best to actually thank them for it.

I’m going to repeat the same thing I said back in June:

I ask this of you:   Do not give me a pass when I screw up.

Yes, forgive me when I apologize.  Yes, give me another chance.  Let me fix whatever mess I have created.  But I beg you, hold me accountable for my own misdeeds.  Do not accept half-apologies or abdication of responsibility.

That would not be fair for you… and it would not be fair for me.

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