The National Rifle Association Is Working Against Your Gun Rights

There is a lot of room to legitimately argue over gun control.

Expanding background checks to cover sales via the Internet? Ensuring convicted felons cannot buy weapons online?

Not there.

This is why I’m now certain the NRA is either insane or working for those who really DO want to take all the guns away.

Their extremist point of view – the opposition to background checks – means the NRA insists that the legitimate sportsmen and hunters they supposedly represent are no different than convicted felons.

Their whole argument – that more weapons equals safety – is simply, obviously, wrong. And making the issue an ideological flashpoint to where even background checks are problematic does a huge disservice to those they represent.

The next time there is a mass murderer – and you know there will be a next time – who could have been picked up by a background check, or slowed down by a smaller magazine… then we will all know that mass murder will be the fault of the NRA.

And what they fear will come to pass.

Not because of left-wing blue state folks.

Because the NRA keeps betting the whole thing on double or nothing.

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