RECOMMENDED: Pet Caricatures For The Holidays

I saw this ad on Facebook yesterday, and thought of my dogs.  Since Taylor died back in 2010, and Leakey died this year, it’s just me and J-Dog hanging out most of the time. 

But I want to remember the other dogs, and imagine how much fun they’d all have if they had ever all gotten to play together.  (J-Dog didn’t come around until after Taylor had died.)

So I jumped at this chance to have all three of them pictured together.

And daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

Morgan’s running a special through Christmas:  For the $20 (+$10 for each additional dog in the image) I got a high-rez PNG (over 6000×2000, 300dpi) that is more than suitable for printing.  If you don’t know, 300 dpi is the standard for printing resolution, and that would make a poster-sized print 20.5″ wide by 14.3″ tall.

Morgan didn’t just reproduce the images – I sent two for each dog, one that showed their shape and another that showed a bit more of their personality.  This really captures the spirit of each of my pups.

I’m not getting jack for posting this, no discount, no referrals, no nothing – though I am going back and getting the same thing done with the three kitties that have lived with me over the years.  I am seriously just that impressed with Morgan’s work.  It is teh adorbz.


You can swing by Bark Point Studios on Facebook, or send an e-mail to to get started.

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