100 words, 100 stories: Relay For Life

The 100 Word Story podcast is having a special weekly challenge for next week- 100 Stories to raise money for Relay For Life.

Hello. This is Laurence Simon (SL: Crap Mariner) of the 100 word stories podcast. Welcome to 2012.

The 100 word stories weekly challenge is where I post a topic to https://podcasting.isfullofcrap.com and then you write and record a story based on that topic.

The topic of the next Weekly Challenge is “Life”

Want to give it a shot? Send an email to isfullofcrap (at) gmail.com with the subject of WEEKLY CHALLENGE and the following:

The text of your 100 word story on the topic
Your site’s URL, if you have a site and aren’t ashamed to share it
A topic for the next Weekly Challenge
And, if you can, a recording of your story (and any shameless plugs) in MP3 format
Oh, and everything’s due by the morning of July 15th (Sunday) when I put the episode together.

If you hate the sound of your voice or can’t record your story for some reason or another, go ahead and send the text of the story in anyway. someone will record it for you.

However, I think you’re going to want to record it, because this week, it’s special: It’s the RELAY FOR LIFE 100 WORD STORIES WEEKLY CHALLENGE CHALLENGE:

You see, the Second Life Relay For Life is taking place the weekend of July 14th, and I like to come up with unusual ways to raise awareness and funds for Relay.

So, here’s this year’s challenge: Send a story for this 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge, I’ll donate 1 dollar.

Yes, I will give Relay For Life (through the Relay Wizards For Spunky Team) $1USD for each person that sends in a recorded story (or stories) on the topic of “Life” for the July 15th 100 word stories weekly challenge. I will donate up to $100USD.

You must record a story or arrange for someone to record it for you to be a part of this additional fundraising challenge. Stories without recordings do not count towards the fundraising challenge, but will be included in the episode.

If you have any questions about this, email me at isfullofcrap (at) gmail.com, or send an IM to me at “Crap Mariner” in Second Life.

Thank you, and as always, keep it brief. (Oh, and GO RELAY!)

Oh, and here’s an additional bonus – Alliteration Ink will match his donation, dollar for dollar. So each story recorded and submitted raises two bucks for RFL.  [Edit:  Further matching donations now have this at $4 per story.]

Remember, you can record and email in your Story with a phone if you need to – this isn’t about audio quality, but raising money for charity.

So get on it!

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    You, sir, have lit up my life and filled it with song! Thank you!


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