Strange Things are afoot at the Circle B Ranch…

Today, things in the wild west get a little bit stranger.

A Bear Riding a Horse.  Your Argument Is Invalid.

Er, no.  Not that.

Today’s the day that Westward Weird – published by DAW, and edited by Kerrie Hughes and the late Marty Greenberg – goes on sale.  Thirteen tales of the wild, weird west – both in Firefly-esque space and back in the actual, factual old American West.

My story in this anthology is Coyote, Spider, Bat.  It wasn’t my first submission to this anthology – that was Hard Lesson, which ended up finding at home at Three Lobed Burning Eye.  They’re two very, very different tales.  Hard Lesson is an alternate history with shades of Cowboys and Aliens mixed with District 9 (and just a dash of Preacher).  Coyote, Spider, Bat on the other hand, draws from older stuff, older legends.  It’s a tale to be told around the campfire when on the trail.  A tale of the things that sometimes pass for humans, that lived among us back in the old days.

And may still live with us still.

Also with my story in this volume are stories by Jay Lake, Larry D. Sweazy, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jennifer Brozek, J. Steven York, Jeff Mariotte, and Jody Lyn Nye.  It’s good reading, folks. You can pick it up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookstore.

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