Coffee – A 100 Word Story

storytime.pngYup, it’s flash fiction time again! As always, this is based around Laurence Simon’s weekly challenge for the 100 word-stories podcast. It’s a great exercise for writers – writing a good drabble is a lot harder than it appears, but is still a “small” task so you can get around that idea of it being too much work. And then you get a random (and often bizarre) writing prompt to shoehorn you out of writer’s block! Go read the rules for the Weekly Challenge and participate!

By the way – no audio this week, and I couldn’t quite get this one to a hundred words without doing violence to the story, so it’s not entered. Still, go check out the others and write one of your own for next week!
Sarah sets the mug on the diner table. “This is — excuse me — a damn fine cup of coffee.”

Karen looks up from the table, then out the windows holding back the autumn chill. She shivers anyway, drawing her coat around her shoulders. “I bet this is where pies go when they die.” Her voice falters at the last word.

Sarah pulls out her half of the heart necklace. “No backing out now. We’ve got everything — the bird, the plastic-“

“Which of us will be Laura?” Karen’s hands shake the mug, hot liquid tracking across her fingers.

“Why, you, Karen.” Sarah’s smile gets wide. “Damn fine cup of coffee.”

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