If Fox News Existed in 1776

rant.pngAs I commented on Twitter yesterday, I’ve noticed the strange relationship that Americans (really, USAians) have with “democracy”: We seem to think that “democracy” is synonymous with “likes the United States”.

A friend of mine pointed out that I was confusing “democracy” as “system of government” with “democracy” as “code for our Western way of life”. She’s right, of course. With Mubarak stepping down yesterday, I was … subjected … to large amounts of Fox News. If you stopped and really listened to the tone of voice (and remember that Murdoch hails from Australia, where I understand they at least still pay attention to that “royalty” thing), it wasn’t hard to imagine what it would be like…

If Fox News Existed in 1776

“Well Bob, with the previous government ousted, the land is essentially ruled by the military , led by their head general. I understand that this general, one man named “Washington”, will run for president.”

“Isn’t that general one of the wealthy slaveowners?”

“That’s right, Bob. These people rose up against the British army and the Church.”

“You mentioned the Church – don’t a lot of these rebels belong to a religious splinter group?”

“That’s correct. These Deists have been a shadowy group, sometimes even suggesting that the Church not be affiliated with the State.”

“How do you think they’ll do without a King?”

“Only time can tell, Bob. Only time can tell.”

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