Things I Know From Your .Sigfile

I’ve been reading Gladwell’s book Blink today. It’s decently written, and actually mentions a researcher whom I had the opportunity to talk to during graduate school. There’s a few things that definitely ring true – one of which is the ability to make good assessments of individuals after a few moments.

Before people I know IRL start chuckling, let me specify that for me it rings true when it comes to text. Specifically, e-mail and your signature. While this is a bit snarky, I’ve found it pretty relevant. Add yours in the comments!

* The EULA .sigfile disclaiming all responsibility that’s longer than the message: You’re ignorant of the law, the internet, or both.
* Multi-line .sig proclaiming your accomplishments: Insecure.
* Calling it a .sigfile: You were around on the internet pre-2000.
* HTML in your .sig: You probably have a virus or spyware on your computer.
* “Background” image to your e-mail: Your status bar has so many icons that it reaches the “Start” button (because, obviously, you’re running Windows).
* The presence of Geek Code: Could you help me with this config file?

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