And even through bot sentry…

I use Pidgin for my instant messaging needs – largely due to the bot sentry plugin. Apparently it’s time for me to change the challenge question from the default one.

Why? Because spambots are apparently smart enough to match phrases – but can’t even recognize their own language…

Conversation with roseanncalder1364 at Thu 11 Nov 2010 06:36:40 PM EST on uriel1998 (yahoo)
Roseann Calder: Hey U!
uriel1998: Hello?
Roseann Calder: Hello there.. My name is Jennifer.. Got ur ID through Messenger Directory 🙂
uriel1998: mmmmmhmmmmm.
Roseann Calder: I love chatting with new people.. Would you like to chat today? Where are you from?
uriel1998: 011110010110111101110101 00100000011000110110000101101110
Roseann Calder: Nice Im 22 years old i’m going to school in Houston.. Can i ask you a question?
uriel1998: 01101000011000010111011001100101 00100000011110010110111101110101
Roseann Calder: Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i am/have..Is that too much for you to handle?
uriel1998: 01100001011100000111000001100001011100100110010101101110011101000110110001111001
Roseann Calder: so yea i’m lonely would you like to have some kinky fun? Would you like to see me?
uriel1998: 0111000001101100011011110110111001101011
Roseann Calder: ok but i have no pictures on my computer.. but i have a video camera connected 🙂
uriel1998: 0110010001101111 00100000011110010110111101110101
Roseann Calder: ok let me set up my camera for you baby i hope your ready for some booty shots..

Anyway, it amused me. 🙂

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