Fussy Eaters – A Flash Fiction

“These donuts are awesome, Mrs. Sprat,” Amanda said through her glaze-covered lips. “I can barely help myself from just eating all of them.”

“It’s just my way of saying merry Christmas to the office,” Mrs. Sprat replied. “Do you think everyone likes them?”

Amanda waved at the nearly-empty boxes. “Of course they do! They’re almost all gone! Did your husband take some to his office?”

“Oh, no. Jack’s office is all on Atkins or South Beach.”

Amanda grinned, waving the partially eaten pastry at her co-worker. “We’ll need to here, too, if you keep bringing in so many good things to eat. I’m going to put on five pounds today, I’m sure of it.”

Mrs. Sprat smiled. “We’ll have quite a feast at the office’s holiday party.”

Amanda paused, and tilted her head to the side. “I didn’t think Mark had decided on a final menu yet.”

Mrs. Sprat smiled even wider. “I’m sure it’ll be excellent. I hope to see you there.”

Amanda smiled again. “Sure! And will Jack be there?”

“No,” Mrs. Sprat replied, gazing hungrily at Amanda, “but I’m sure he’ll eat just as well at his own office party.”

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