You had me at…

I had a post all ready to go for today (the letter to McCain was originally supposed to go up yesterday), about how people who have hope can get really, really ugly when that hope is betrayed. I meant it mostly in the context of prior GOP voter disenfranchisement, but as some commentators have already pointed, out, Obama isn’t really a saint. We should be reasonable in our expectations.

Except then this shows up on the interweb.

It’s a nice site. It has all sorts of easy to find information about plans, the transition,. Good stuff, yeah, and then I clicked “American Moment”.

I’m not sure I was very coherent, but I’d like to share what I wrote there, in that little box.

Would you believe that this site has me teary-eyed? Too often, I’ve found myself with skills and knowledge, but no status, no sheepskin, and no voice. It is frustrating, knowing that you can see problems and solutions, and also knowing that you will not be heard and will not be considered.

And I am a white male. I cannot begin to imagine – simply cannot – imagine how much harder it would be for any woman, any person of color.

I heard Richard Florida speak here in Dayton; he told us the creative class consisted of all people, with ideas and solutions for real problems. Yet to hear those people requires admitting that sometimes one’s own ideas are not always the best.

I don’t know who will end up reading this – probably a staffer, maybe a volunteer. Whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for helping us all be heard, for letting us all give our ideas and solutions.

Thank you.

And y’all thought I was passionate about this man before now?

I am not used to feeling anything but anger about politics. Now…

Three sizes.

At least.

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