On Litmus Tests and Invisible Illnesses; more on Steampunk Universe

This is a mirror of the latest backer update for Steampunk Universe.  If you haven’t backed the project yet, you can at steampunkuniverse.alliterationink.com.  For context, see this post: http://www.ideatrash.net/2016/10/two-issues-around-steampunk-universe.html Because of a comment on the last update, please let me clarify: All of the stories feature disabled or aneurotypical characters. Not all of the authors […]

Two Issues Around Steampunk Universe, Addressed

[Edit: Follow-up post at http://www.ideatrash.net/2016/10/on-litmus-tests-and-invisible-illnesses.html] I’m glad – and that’s not sarcasm, folks – to see people calling me out within hours of me asking people to. In this case, it’s based around our current Kickstarter for Steampunk Universe. (I’m posting an abbreviated version of this post as a backer update as well; as I […]