Like blasters, tentacles… but also like poetry and well-written fiction? We do too.

Okay, so I’ve sent out the formal announcements about recompose

So let me take a second to talk informally about some of the things that make recompose special and worth a few bucks.

  • We’re paying professional rates. For both fiction and poetry. Without markets that fairly compensate authors and poets, there will be less art in the world.
  • Getting art out there is the main goal. I had an allergy to poetry for a large part of my life – because I didn’t realize what was out there. As David Mitchell recently pointed out, separating literary and genre works is an act of “self mutiliation”.  We want to be part of the solution. While backers will get exclusive content throughout the year, the majority of recompose will be available for free at
  • Anybody can support the arts. Sure, there’s some high-level backer rewards. But after seeing a lot of crowdfunding projects lately where you wouldn’t get the rewards unless you ponied up $20, $50, or $100 or more, I wanted to make sure that everyone could participate.
  • More backers means more stuff for all backers, period. We’re taking a chance making recompose almost entirely digital (except for the print annual)… but that also means that we can easily add content without worrying about costs going up.

That last one is especially cool to me. We can keep adding poems and stories and artwork, and all backers from the $3 level and up benefit the same.

Which means that the very most important thing you can do to support this project is to tell other people about it. If you’re gathering with others this week for the holidays, mention recompose. Show to folks on your phone or tablet.  (Yes, it’s mobile-friendly.)

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to back the project on Kickstarter so that you can be part of this new venture.

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